After login i don't get my synced items

Hello, I formatted my computer and logged in with my same old account, but my identities did not sync, someone please help me, what should I do?

Are you sure sync was enabled and these bookmark or identities wherein the sync area in client?
Did you change or reset your password (this is what most users miss to tell us!)? Then your client needs to encrypt the items first or else you can not get them.

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I have the key saved, but how do I use it and recover the account?

At the bottom right of the client choose Restore Recovery Key.


What about any of my questions??? Guessing won’t help anymore.


I’m more confused now than ever. I just want to log in and all my stuff be there.

Ok. But who are you now in this conversation? :disguised_face:

And why you give less details and also ignore my questions?