How do I get a new recovery key? // My Badges are not shown in client

First off you did not just change your password. You did reset the password and this is why you need the recovery key. With a simple password change that would not be required.

On the website you must’ve confirmed that you risk to lose data without the recovery key.

What you need to do now. You now got 2 Options.

1. Apply your last generated Recovery Key.

This is the only way to get any synced item (Bookmarks, Identities, Hotkeys) back and allows you to use Badges again.

You can not get a new recovery without Fallback!
We do not know they key. Only you had it shown when it was generated in the TS client.
There is no way that we or anyone else can recover the synced data without a backup of the last generated recovery key!

2. Re-encrypt your account with the Fallback option

With this method any synced item stored online will be deleted from your account. In case you still have your items cached in your client it will re upload these to your account.

This can be done via Fallback in TS3 by clicking on the notification about encryption or the exclamation mark on the bottom of the client.

In TS5 you can not miss the dialog. and choose to Recover without key.

And then you get a new key and you get access again to request a new one and just the delete the one you got before.

You got a client that still has your bookmarks and identity? Then you may try this.

My Badges do not show in client?

As long your account is encrypted and you did not enter your recovery key or made a fallback the badges are not synced to your client.

See above to solve this.