After update from TS3 i got a broken TS5 client

lol i don’t even get the option to login, auto auto backup enabled with the ts3 client and was logged in but apparently it didnt, now i am left with no server list (had to ask my buddies to give me the ip’s again and since they are old servers no one was sure about the password anymore - bruteforced it after talking with the owner). kinda not funny if you ask my, sadly autoupdate from pop os! updated ts3 to this ts5. hope you add the option to login and fix how backups are created for linux

With our auto update in TS3 we do not update to TS5.

We assume whatever package was used (we guess Flatpak) to install the client replaced your client and now uses the TS3 database.
Now the TS5 client can not handle this database correctly.

The TS3 database is not compatible with TS5 and we would never force TS3 users to update this way!

Please always and only install the client from our official download page.

Edit This is a know issue by Flatpk. But please do not use 3rd party installations for our software.

If you want to stay on TS5
Got into this folder /.config/TeamSpeak/Default and there rename the settings.db.
Then start the TS5 client again and login.