After update linux ts3server I can not add any channels etc. as admin

I have TS running for more than 10 years. Recently I upgraded the serverhardware and copied everything on the new server. Running Linux.
Then TS3 complained that it failed to download the revocation list. Read many posts on that topic.

Finally decided to download the latest version of TS3server64 for linux.
Copied that over existing install. It CAN dl the revocation-list BUT!
Now I can not create any channels as admin!!

When I put the old version back, I can create channels, normally, but it complains about the revocationlist.


The reason is/are missing permissions for your group.

The minimum requirements are as following

  1. Permission to create temporary or semi-permanent or permanent channel is or are enabled.


  1. Permission to create channel with latest Codec (Opus Voice or Opus Music) is enabled.


  1. Permission to create channel with Codec quality is enabled.

i_channel_create_modify_with_codec_maxquality with a value of 7 or above

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Thank you for you reply.

The ONLY thing that I did is to change the teamspeak executable.
How did that change my permissions?

How do I set the permissions that you mention?
My admin can not make any changes now.

Also, why could the old server not DL the revocation-list?

I don’t have any answers. Anything I would write would be wild guessing.

I don’t know what server version was before update.
… what version you got now.
… got no logs from the first start of the update.
… got no permissions overview

My wildest guess is that when updating the server you may updated from an ancient 3.0.x version or you did not copy all needed sql files and first start messed up permissions then.

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Hi ,
Thanks a lot for getting back to me.

I got the new linux 64 bit version 2022-06-22. The version that was running was 2018-02-26.
When I run the old version, it complains about dl the revocation list. On the old hardware it was running fine. I have copied everything from the old hardware on the new hardware. There it complains.

The new ts3server can DL the revocation-list but my admin can not create any channels.
I only put the new version over the old version.

What more info can I provide to you? I have all the logfiles (since 2012 :slight_smile: )

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