Airpods no longer works or are distorted with new update (3.6.5)

yesterday I got update on iPhone for TeamSpeak app and voice stopped working in the car (bluetooth) and AirPods Pro.

When I open application it works on speaker (on phone), then I deactive speaker mode and I can hear only robotic voice in the car and same on AirPods.

I have iPhone 15 Pro, latest iOS and friend with iPhone 13 Pro has same issue.

So there are 2 big issues on iOS app:

  • if you get call on phone when you’re on teamspeak, after call ends you get disconnected on TeamSpeak client.
  • TeamSpeak app doesnt work on bluetooth since last update (robotic voice)

I hope that this issue will be fixed asap, application is useless now on iOS.

Thanks in advance.


Yep! Ever since iOS 16 it has been very buggy in the sense that if anything changes, you only get robotic input/output. Change from speakers to headphones or vice versa, getting a call, an alarm going off etc. It was annoying, but since it was fixable by restarting the app it was usable.

Now this 3.6.5 update broke it completely and you can’t even roll back apps on iOS = TeamSpeak cannot be used on iOS right now.


Seeing a similar problem. Since the latest release, I have been unable to route any audio from Teamspeak to my Airpods.

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My friend has the same problem with AirPods

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An update with a fix is ready. It may take a day to get approved by Apple.

Changelog for 3.6.6.

Hotfix release to resolve audio issues affecting our iOS 17 SDK client, also happening on iOS 16 devices.
•	Fixed distorted audio input while using AirPods.
•	Improved handling of audio route changes in general, making the speaker mode switch more reliable while using bluetooth devices.

Update is out!


fixed in the new update

@TS.ChrisR 9/10 problems are fixed. I only got robotic voice when i came back from running (was on teamspeak with AirPods), and came in the car and iPhone connected to the car. Then I clicked active speaker and deactivate speaker and sound got fixed.

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The fix does not seem to be working for me, at least on iPad OS 17.1. Even with AirPods selected and working for other apps, the audio still comes through the speakers.

[EDIT] Teamspeak running on iOS on an iPhone 14 is working with the same set of AirPods. They work after switching Speaker Mode is deactivated. This suggests the problem is tied to speaker mode, since that switch isn’t available on iPad OS.

Hi. Unfortunately, the bug fix did not bring any improvement. The sound still comes through the speakers despite the Bluetooth connection. If I switch manually, I only have a robot sound. :sleepy:

iPhone 11 Pro - 17.1
Bose QC35MK3

yes can confirm this

yes i got the same problem, when im connected with airpods, and i start teamspeak, it comes from the speakers, i have to disable speakers first.

Are you on an iPad? The latest couple of Teamspeak releases don’t seem to have an option to disable speakers, at least for me. The audio always comes through the iPad speakers, not the AirPods.

OK, this is odd. I do not have that option (at least the English equivalent)

in my menu. Teamspeak 3.6.6 on iPad OS iPadOS 17.1 (21B74).

okay thats weird, this might be an issue.

Let me know if I can provide any additional debug info or do any testing. 11 inch iPad Pro M2 if it makes any difference.

i think its an apple problem, maybe they cant give these options to the developer on ts3 mobile? @TS.ChrisR

Possibly not, since you’d never hold the iPad up to your ear the way you would an iPhone. However, in every case, the audio should be routed the way the user has set the output channels on the iPad, whether the speakers, a Bluetooth headset, or an external USB audio device.

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it’s not fixed in 3.6.6 - pls fix

and while you’re at it. Please implement support for the new airpod mute gesture :slight_smile:

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when does the problem occur?

  • when you connect the headphones while using Ts
  • or before using Ts?