Airpods no longer works or are distorted with new update (3.6.5)

nvm. I was able to fix the issue by disabling speakers as you showed.

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I just deleted and re-installed Teamspeak on iPad OS 17.2. I still do not have the option to turn speaker mode on/off the way you do on iOS. However, If I connect my Airpods after starting TeamSpeak, I get the audio OK through the Airpods with no “robot” distortion. I did not have to mute speakers for this to work.

So, things seem operational on iPad OS, and Teamspeak seems to be respecting the OS choice on audio output. I’ll post if anything is different next time I try, and I’m going to try the experiment of trying to route Teamspeak audio to my Rodecaster via the USB C port.

Update on my report of airpods working: I am now having the reverse of the “robot audio” problem. If I use the airpods and get good audio there, and then stop using the Airpods, the speaker audio now has “robot” distortion. Muting and unmuting the speakers does not fix the distortion, but the good news is that disconnecting and reconnectiong to the server will fix it.

So, while there is a workaround, there is still some problem with the way Teamspeak in interacting with the AVaudio sessions. The “robot” distortion when swithcing audio devices suggests Teamspeak is somehow not correctly changing the session parameters when notified of audio route changes by the OS.

A quick check with my Rodecaster suggests that Teamspeak can’t route audio via USB C. These audio handling changes were new with iPad OS 17.1, so no surprise that it isn’t implemented yet. I have also found several other apps that won’t route audio via USB-C.

It would be good to be able to send Teamspeak audio to USB audio devices e.g., mixers so you could include Teamspeak in streaming session mixes. Can this be added to the backlog?