All the audio disappears as soon as i connect to a server

Hi guys i’ve just built a new pc, everything works fine but i have a problem with teamspeak, whenever i try to connect to a server ALL the audio disappears , games , videos, music ,u name it. Disconnecting doesn’t solve the issue and the audio comes back only after closing the application. If i try to go to the playback section in settings, before connecting to a server, i can hear the Test Sound , the selected playback device is the correct one, and teamspeak is among the application in the in the audio mixer. I’ve tried to unistall and reinstall it with no success. I’ve tried to change the playback mode and to play around with the settings in the playback section but still had no success
Thanks in advace for any help/advice

make sure every driver is should be up to date.
check the sound settings in the windows control panel.