Alternative to Google Cloud storage for avatars?

I’ve been enjoying the limited beta (I have no beta badge). There is one thing I would change: where user avatars are stored. I am in the process of removing Google from my life, so TS user avatars are unavailable to me.

The rest of my TS artifacts are stored on my self-hosted server. I wish avatars could be stored/retrieved from there as well.

So say you join a public group, you want everyone in that group to connect to your server rather than google to load your avatar?..

I understand your concern, but keep in mind that Google Cloud Services is not Google (itself) and (basically) half the internet runs on Amazon, Microsoft and Google servers.

Cloud Provider Market Share

My server is self-hosted, lan-client only. Everything my users need is local, except for TS authentication and a tiny avatar file.

The ubiquity of Big Tech isn’t germane. I’m not sure how their market share relates to the location of an avatar image file.

So you don’t need

Then why would you need to set an avatar for the global chat? The server avatar is stored on the servers. Only avatars for the global chat system are stored on Google Cloud servers.

I just wanted to show how much of the cloud providers are greedy corporations. As most of the internet nowadays relies on cloud services there is basically no way to avoid them. Just because someone doesn’t use the Google domain doesn’t mean they are not using Google services. Sadly there is basically no way around such servers.

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Using a TS account is currently the only method of setting an avatar. It’s certainly possible for an avatar for an authenticated TS account to come from a local environment. An alternative solution is to let local, unregistered accounts set avatars.