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Hello everyone,

In response to the AMA post of recent, we have picked out the most asked about questions from this, but also from what we have seen in the forums and/or messages we receive across our social platforms as well.

Will TeamSpeak support Screensharing and Webcams?

You’ll be pleased to find out that yes, we will!

Screensharing and Video-Chat is a priority feature for 2022. We will release more information and sneak peeks regarding screensharing in the near future.

What about the new mobile app with the new client, can you show some pictures for the community?

Unfortunately we can’t share any images yet, but just like screensharing the mobile apps are a priority for 2022. A dedicated team within TeamSpeak is working on the mobile apps and we’re looking forward to sharing more information with you all in the upcoming months.

Later, can community members help translate the new client into other languages, for example via Crowdin (like Hypixel dashboard in Crowdin)?

We would love this! At the beginning, the open Beta of the new version of TeamSpeak will only be available in English and German, however It would be awesome if our community could help us with languages that we don’t speak natively. Our team will review our options and if it’s possible, we will make this available in the future.

When will there be a myTeamSpeak auth API + documentation?

The documentation will be available sometime in 2022. We are looking forward to the amazing things you guys will create with it!

When will changing the username be available again?

You might have spotted in the beta groups that a couple of users have managed to change their usernames. This is currently being tested for stability, but once it’s ready and safe to use, we’ll let everyone know.

When will we have access to the SDK?

Technically right now on our download page. This will remain the same for now. If we decide to change this in the future we’ll let everyone know.

There were other questions posed that are either already in the new version of TeamSpeak at present, were duplicate questions, a decision hasn’t been made on this yet so we can’t give you a fair response to this yet, or the question has been raised quite often in the past.

Would you like this to be a more regular thing? Feel free to vote and leave a comment if you selected “Yes, however XYZ”.

From the TeamSpeak team, have a great weekend!

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I Would definitely like to be informed more often about the ongoing development of TeamSpeak and also be included in certain things/decisions as a member of this community, feels good :wink::+1:


What about server-wide text chats?

When will we get a SEARCH BAR?! It’s really not fun, being unable to manage the server your community is paying hundreds of euros a year for. And it’s such a trivial feature to implement, too.

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Does this refer to the TS5 SDK?
I can only find downloads for the TS3 SDK but not for TS5.


I can help with the translation into Russian

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FINALLY YOU GUYS CONFIRMED IT, I was literally doubting that you ever include it. Thanks for keeping me motivated :smiley:


Posting images from the clipboard into the chat would be a good start. Such a big feature yet missing… :frowning:


When is persistent (saved) chat going to be implemented. So, users who weren’t part of the conversation are able to view chat history.

And joining a server via web browser.

What is the rough estimate of the open beta?


Will there be a way to clear chat (Client Side)?


Add “search tree” function, to find users in different room.

In the world of amateur radio we have a digital mode called d-star, in this mode your radio is communicating over the internet. Radio operators can have a raspberrypi running a dedicated node or server, people can connect to it via radio or web interface, from that interface you can see everyone else’s server and connect to them, all with the same interface. You can connect to private servers all around d the world easily, will TeamSpeak have something similar for users who run private servers that is web-based to connect to or will the client always be needed?

I’m looking forward to the upcoming features and I’m curious to see what else the developers will be offered in order to get even deeper into the communication between teamspeak and a 3 application.

Love to see these awesome work!

I’m happy to hear that!

Is there any update on the screen sharing?

Push 2021 Post :rofl:

What about your “priority feature”, is it ready and when is the next update coming?

The announcement is already a little longer ago.

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Is there any chance we can get a development update or AMA? Been a while since we heard anything.


Not sure why my post was moved to a 2 year old forum post. I am still curious if there is any plan on releasing any news on the progress of the development?