An idea for two-factor authentication

Hello community, I have an idea of two-factor authentication for Teamspeak 5. I thought about creating a mobile application that receives a login code, I even came up with the name “Teamspek Guard” (I was inspired by Steam Guard) Or scan a qr code with a camera instead of the usual code (it looks cool and modern in Discord) And sorry for my English😁


It’s good to be concerned about security and MFA is a great way to secure our Accounts.
But I think teamspeak should Support 3rd Party Applikation instead for a various of reason.
For example: convenience
It’s just inconvenient to install an authenticator App for every Service you use. Every standalone 2FA App is just a clutter in my App drawer.
Since that doesnt change the importance of 2FA, 3rd Party Applications (Google authenticator/ 1password/ authy/…) of the users choice will have this Job done perfectly fine.

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You are right @LittleFreak92, it is convenient to use one account identifier for all accounts

Make 2FA on TS3 and make it so we can enable it so then if our account gets hacked we don’t need to worry.

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