Android app unusable

The Android app is just unusable! Today I wanted to join a server from the bookmarks but the app refuses to change to the server tree. The client connects successfully to the server and also shows that in the notifications, just the UI doesn´t change to the server tree. I am really angry about that! The app has been unusable for a few versions now, last version made the app instantly crash when connecting to a server. Now I can connect every time but I can´t see the server! I have to force stop the app in the settings all the time, only sometimes I see the server tree (chances are higher to win in the lottery than to see your server!). Also the app just crashes randomly after opening it (very rare though, send the reports after next startup through the app).

I honestly don´t know why I even paid for the app a few years ago, back then the app was at least usable, but now for the past few months it´s just an app that doesn´t even work. Just look at the ratings on the Play store, same reports over and over again! This text here isn´t even a new problem :confused: Right now asking for money for this app is a fraud.

I lost my hope that the app will ever work properly, but feel free to prove me wrong! :slight_smile:


Android 10, One UI 2.0
Version: G975FXXU4BTAA
Android Security Patch: 1st March, 2020


Thanks for letting us know about these issues. I’ve got a few questions regarding these if you have the time to answer. Can you let me know:

  1. Which version of the app are you using?
  2. What are the steps you follow exactly to recreate each of these issues?
  3. Can you attach the logs from when you recreate these problems? (Settings -> Create logfile)
  4. Finally does the phone freeze up (e.g. system buttons like the back button doesn’t work) or is it just not navigating to the server tree?

The more information you can give me on this the better, I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can with updates.


Latest available, 3.3.4

Open the app. Click on any bookmark to connect. App continues to show bookmark screen while you can hear the connected sound and the notification also shows that you are connected.

Well, ofc the app works when I try to get the logs…Every time I just want to use it I have this problem but right now when I want to get the logs ofc the app works…I turned the log option on now and will provide them if it happens again (which is 100% the next time I want to use it).

I use gestures but yes, they freeze if you can call it like that. I simply swipe down the notification bar and then I can continue using these “back buttons” again. But that is very rare, normally it is just the navigating to the server tree that does not work.

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Thanks for this info, if you can get the logs that would be much appreciated. In mean time we’ll start looking into this.

Out curiosity would using “Unresponsive System Navigation” make more sense? I only referred to them as “back buttons” as most people understand that? Or is there a better phrase?

I would use “unresponsive system navigation” since there are no more physical buttons on most phones and you can change between the gestures or the classic 3 button layout. However that is my personal opinion on that and I would say if people provide which version of Android they have you should switch between these two, for older versions back buttons and for newer what you just proposed.