Android Client connect in second tab

Will the Android client connect to the ts3 server from the new tab?


i think its not necessary :thinking:

To be honest, I don’t understand the question you’re asking - can you expand on it?

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I think he would connect to another server in a second Tab on the Android Client.
But this is not possible.
Only the iOS Client has this Feature. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks Rikku! Hopefully one of our Android devs can weigh in when they get back to work :slight_smile:


ok nice to hear. I hope this Feature will implemented too for Android Client soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Yes thanks.

You are welcome

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Is it possible to be added to the next update?

It’s difficult for sure to change the whole structure of the application. Yes this feature would be nice as iOS already has it, but still difficult.

Maybe we see this impovement in the new android client :slight_smile:

I appreciate that this a desirable feature, however TS3 was initially designed with a single connection in mind, and as such there is a lot of code that would prevent this from happening. So as @Alligatoras mentioned we would needs to almost rewrite the existing app to get this functionality in.

In terms of the new client it is something we will consider.

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This is unfair!

IOS version has this feature. We have paid for the app like they do. They have this feature and we don’t! What is the difference? Android devs have to add this…

Adam is no longer working for TeamSpeak.

Oh, okey. Thank you for information!

Alright. Now to your feature request. I don‘t think this will be added, since the new TS5 mobile client is already in development.
But you‘re right, iOS has it, but the iOS Client is more expensive than the Android one. So the prices might to be changed as well.

I don’t care about price at all. If the price is problem then they should make it expensive too. We just want this feature, this feature is a big problem for all android users.

I don‘t really think, that changing the price might be the problem, but the current focus is on TS5 and TeamSpeak has not that much developers.

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