Another new logo

Hello and happy new year.
I am a fan and user of TeamSpeak for many many years, so I wanted to throw my thoughts here.

Please don’t take this wrong as it comes with the best intensions.
The new logo you just designed which tries to replicate the old one but with a bit more modern design, I only see a circle with a color cut on top.
The idea is nice, but I do believe you should not settle with that one. It’s just a circle guys and it’s not representative of the TeamSpeak magnitute.

I understand that the logo you have now on top of this forum is way different from the first logo you had, but changing this for the new circle? Just put them next to each other. None is TeamSpeak but at least the current is kinda nice and relates to communications.

Maybe that circle with a bit modification will look better. I hope you settle to something equal to the TeamSpeak magnitute and history.

Thank you for reading my thoughts,

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