Any way to remove country flag from my profile for other users

I’m not interested in showing my country flag. This is basic Internet hygiene.

VPN is a solution, but why can’t I just change it in my profile without using a VPN?

The country is always shown by server. This can not be disabled or removed.

What you can do is to hide flags for yourself in the server tree.
In TS5 under Appearance > Server > Show Country Flags on Clients
In TS3 Tools → Options > Design > Display country flag on client

Internet hygiene (or better Cyber Hygiene) is about online security, system health etc.
Showing just the country to others is not part of such. It has no personal information about users or offers any way of attack etc…

Showing more details like IP or email would be part of this.


Why its always shown by the server?
It shows my personal info (my country)

Because the Server has your IP and then checks in in the IP to Location table and sends it to the other users.

Yeah, I know that, but why it sends it to other users?

Answering this won’t make you happy because you want it the other way around and will go on asking and we turn in the same circle.

This is a feature which was requested from our community in TS2, TS3 and TS5 as well.
So this feature was build in and no we don’t see personal information.
You can have any random Nickname from Country X.

You don’t want your country to show up:
Use a VPN or host a local server and join with LAN IP. These are the option when you want to use TS.


If you give people a choice they will choose what they like, give me the ability to uncheck show my county as a user or don’t show user flags if I’m a server host (at least on my server if people want to see flags on their servers I don’t mind).

I will forward the idea to opt-out and tell server not to send the country to other clients.

Don’t expect this to build in soon. Could also be that this won’t happen at all.
Thiw needs to be discussed with our Team.