Anyone has found a way to get into server icons?

Hello TeamSpeak community,

I’ve wanted to ask if anyone has found a way to get into server icons/ groups so you can edit the permissions etc in the beta ts5?

//EDIT1: Been trying for a while now, still can’t get into it.

They still haven’t implemented the permission system yet, you have to do it on TS-3 for now…


Ahhhh, was thinking why I can’t get into the permission system atm.

Hopefully they’ll implement it soon.

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That’s the plan.


The Ts5 client looks amazing as it is now, feels like this will be a strong competitor for Discord.


On my personal opinion Ts3 compared to D-name, lacks a much more user-friendly interface, also because if you put 99% of people who use D-name in front of the permission system of Ts3 they’ll launch themself from the window. :sweat_smile:
Another positive side is the possibility of having a web interface, and much less restrictions on the user limit (at the expense of privacy, however) :thinking:
Almost everyone who uses D-name wants it more for the convenience it offers (also graphically) than what actually runs behind it.