Are there any plugins in Teamspeak five?

I’ve been a Teamspeak user forever. Since it first started, in fact. I’ve hosted and administrated servers for about ten or so years. I’ve only recently been granted access to TS5 though, and I would like to ask if there are any plugins for TS5?

On my TS3 client, I have a mass mover plugin, which allows me to move multiple clients to and from channels quickly and easily. I’d really like to have something like this for my TS5 client. Is there anything like this available?

Currently there are no plugins avaliable. But some themes already exist which you can find here:


@LeonMarcelHD is right that there are no plugins so far except for the client themes. However to come back to your mass move feature,

You can easily select any clients in the TeamSpeak 5 client with Ctrl + Left Mouseclick and drag them together into your own or another channel (by the way, this works in TS3 aswell).