ARM Support

Will you add support to Windows ARM-based PCs, such as Surface Pro X?

There are already a couple of arm-based computers coming out, and seems Teamspeak is still not supporting it.

There are some* devices out there but with Windows 11 it should not be a problem at all to run any x86 application.

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Any updates on native ARM support for servers?
To be honest I don’t understand why there is no pressure from ATHPs.
For example Oracle and Hetzner are already proving powerful ARM servers for a cheap price.
In the long term ARM servers have a lower maintenance cost.
Using the emulated qemu approach is not as efficient.

I am not sure what challenges the TeamSpeak Sourcecode has, but I’ve ported a few applications already to ARM and with a well maintained code it was pretty straight forward.
Maybe releasing it as an alpha to the community would help fixing bugs before releasing a rushed and unstable version to ATHPs.