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Will Teamspeak get ARM support in future (Maybe with Teamspeak 5)?
More and more users are switching to ARM laptops/small computers because of power consumption.
And these days its possible to get pretty strong Servers with ARM architecture (like Pi4 8GB) which could run TS for some Users.

Thanks for your help


Docker is what you need to run the server without any waiting time for a version made for ARM.


Damn you are faster than light Chris.
The question is : Are you planning to make an ARM version ?

Can only say maybe. There is nothing written in stone.

But for now Docker is what anyone with ARM CPU needs.


I will try installing a docker container on my server


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I tried installing the Docker Image on my ARM Server.
I can’t pull or download the TS3 Image because there is no arm64 Version available.
Which Image do you mean? I tried the official:
I have got Debian 64bit.

Thanks for your help.


The only way i can find is to use Eltechs Exagear to emulate x86. Unfortunately Eltech quit business and there is almost no way to get a new license for the program.
So from what i can see, there is no way to install TeamSpeak Server on ARM. (Or is there an other way?)

Thanks for your help.


I don’t think they will spend time developing ARM as the teamspeak developer team is small and they are currently working for teamspeak 5.

Yes, currently not possible.
Docker is not a VM but just a container and thus ofc it won’t work either unless there is a ARM binary.

There probably be an ARM binary for some time, maybe never.

If you really need to run on an ARM machine you can run an emulater like qemu. Performance will be horrible (compared to native) but it will work.

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I will take a look at qemu but emulators mostly are pretty shitty on Pi4. ^^

Ok, i got it working with Bullseye Debian emulated with qemu. I got some issues and bugs but its working now. Performance is not too bad!

Just using the dockerized teamspeak doesn’t indeed fix the incompatability between x86 and ARM. Teamspeak server (and client) would need to be recompiled for ARM. Since (according to wikipedia) Teamspeak is written in c++ this should be possible but can ofcourse come with limitations and problems.
Afaik running teamspeak on ARM isn’t a possiblity at the moment

Like I said before. I have it running with qemu on Pi4. Server performance is pretty good. 6 People and TS3 uses around 5% CPU capacity and 2.8% RAM. So from what i can see no big Problems. Just one bug from qemu:

Unsupported ancillary data: 0/8

Which pops up around 20times/s but the Server runs fine.

For m’y part, I use a windows 10 arm 64 with Wor x64 and the all work very nice :yum: and i test also with docker :+1: it’s OK ! on a RPI4 4Go.

Hi there,
I just write to clear a few things up if someone stumbles upon this topic.

First of all, you can’t run teamspeak natively on arm. You’ll need QEMU if you’re on linux.
If you want to use docker is actually up to everyone by its own.
In my opinion docker is the easier way, but it’s possible to run teamspeak without docker.

I don’t really want to self-promote me, but it may be useful for someone out there. I’m actually the author of an teamspeak docker container for arm: Docker Hub
If you want to run the server without docker, you can look at my github where you can see how I’ve done it (link is over at docker hub).

@Lulkas The bug you are facing is because you are running an old version of QEMU

Nice to see a working docker variant of this.

Just a question, as I’ve no experience with Box86/QEMU, how well does it perfom? So e.g. if 3 users are joining a server and start speaking, how much cpu load do you get when using your docker container?

Quite specific type of question, I know. But currently my Model 3B+ is running a server with Exagear (yes…still got it, still can be installed, and it’s running for 3 years now) and the cpu loads are quite low. Even with 10 users I wasn’t able to max out the pi, only my crappy internet is limiting the user number at this point.

Since docker is a bit more future proof than a discontinued software I am considering a change, but my server has to run more than just the teamspeak server, therefore perfomance is quite important.

Thanks in advance (and in the meantime I am devastating my office while searching for the spare sd card to try it myself :sweat_smile:)

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I can’t give you exact numbers on how it performs because I’m not actively using it myself (switched back to x86 for other reasons)… I remember that I once tested it with a few clients connected but I can’t recall any numbers… sry!

I also never used Exagear before, but I think QEMU will not come close to the performance of Exagear. One of the big downside auf QEMU is, that it just runs on one core which slows things down. Also it takes relatively long to boot up.

Box86 is much faster then QEMU, but still crashes during any filetransfer. They are aware of this issue and hopefully will fix it… In the meantime I will try to get it maybe somehow running, but my focus currently is QEMU, because… well, it works.

So long story short: You my consider using Exagear until Box86 runs stable.

But feel free to test and report back! I’m actually very interested on how these containers perform in an actual environment.

Is it due to the lack of knowledge working with ARM that TeamSpeak won’t support it?

If support for ARM is due to the many server versions that you currently maintain, then why not drop support for MAC OS X, albeit the number of users hosting on that platform is probably incredibly small.

On my Pi4 (debian) and TeamSpeak in qemu, the performance is even with the highest bandwidth setting very well. TeamSpeak uses ~20% of the CPU with 7 people. It crashes mostly over the but runs fine if i start the server manual.

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