ASCII Icons with intigrated spacer at left side

Could you pls remove the little intigrated Spacer from ASCII Icons in the TS3 Client?
In TS5 everything is fine.

See the difference?



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i dont see xd

Ye… Just wonder that the IMG-Tag dont work. x.x

use this

or just copy paste the pics :smiley:

ascii-TS3 ascii-TS5

Stil dont show the Image…

i see now, but whats the problem?
o i see now

So, you see the images but i dont? ö.Ö

yep , i see :smiley:


Ah. Found the problem. Now i see them too. :smiley:

Hope they fix this. Its a bit annoying if both clients are in use. :smirk:

Looking over the images for some minutes and still don’t get it.
Are you talking about the expand collapse icons?

Look at the stars on the right side.
At ts3 the “air” is bigger cuz of space on left from the icons.

Those are called emoji, not ASCII Icons. :wink:

You can find an older discussion about the same problem in the legacy forum here.


Cuz of this is a half year gone i think a change wont happen. :thinking:

So my ts3 users have to deal with that design fail. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

honestly, it doesn’t bother me :smiley:

Well, maybe try adding space to the left?! But that will ruin this in TS5… So maybe don’t bother.

BTW, it’s not only in QT that emojis have bigger space on left of themselves, that’s just their design and this cannot be changed just like that as it (probably) would need to tweak every emoji in whole thingy known as Unicode :thinking:

As far as I know, the graphical representation of Unicode Emojis is up to the respective software to implement. That’s why the same Emoji looks different on each platform.

The problem with TeamSpeak 3 is that it dates back to a time when Emojis were not a thing yet. It therefore doesn’t include custom code for displaying Emojis and support for them merely slipped in unintentionally with a QT update.

TeamSpeak could patch in a custom emoji renderer with properly designed and positioned graphics but that would be a decent amount of work for a software which will soon be EOL.

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Graphical representation - OK, that’s like you said. But have you tried merging emojis with text on eg. Twitter? It looks the same. Well, at leaat not on Chromium engine, not using it…

As you might or might not know (don’t blame you in any case), emojis are created with invisible characters and also not every emoji is square (flags). Additionally, emojis are ~20+ years old, ~12yo in current form.

Would have TS3 not update it’s core feature for the whole time? If not, OK.

QT had updates since then (or must’ve had) and it’s not it’s fault, that’s just how emojis are. Just let it be how it is and chill out. It has always been like that, why change :smiley:


You are talking about the “glue” characters used to give two existing emojis a new meaning, like combining a skull with a flag to create a pirate flag?

Yes, I do know about those. However, these too shouldn’t create alignment issues if the software rendering them does it properly, right?

To the best of my knowledge, TeamSpeak 3 didn’t receive major Qt updates until “recently”. Emoji support in TeamSpeak 3 has been “better” since then but it is still very limited to this date.

There are topics in the Qt forums of people asking how they are supposed to fix Qt’s “weird” Emoji rendering and the answers seems to be: Better do it yourself. :rofl:

I’m also aware that “Emojis” are pretty old, but TeamSpeak 3’s initial beta release was back in 2009 which predates the inclusion of Emojis into the Unicode standard in 2010 by about one year.

Emojis were not widely used back then so there was not much interest in supporting them. I guess TeamSpeak really never had the resources to do a lot of work on the TeamSpeak 3 client. The server is a different story though.


So, after reading what you wrote, the only thing I can write back is, well… Thanks for your comprehensive answer and also for an indeed interesting conversation about something most people just tend to not care and carry on :smiley:

Also I don’t know QT as much so your answers helped me learn something. Thank you for that as well.

Cheers mate and have a nice day, or night, whatever :smile:!