AT2020 xlr Mic only be heard on one side

Hey all,

I have an AT2020 xlr mic plugged into a Behringer soundboard and it works great for everything except for teamspeak.

When I talk in teamspeak using my mic in multiple servers I can only be heard through people’s left ear. I have tried to reinstall ts3 both the current version and an older version. I have tried to change some of the settings in teamspeak but can’t seem to figure this issue out.

Anyone have this issue and was able to fix it or can help me with some additional troubleshooting steps?

The small issue is that your Microphone tells that is a Stereo Mic but sends mono.

The big problem is that the channel you are talking in has a Music codec set which is a stereo codec. These codecs are not ideal for conversations (This is why he call them Music codecs).

To fix this set Opus Voice as codec and your voice is send in Mono to all channels.
Or change that your device is recognized as a Stereo Microphone or let it send to both channels.

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Thanks for the response. I am not sure I understand exactly what to do here with your information.

So I don’t use or have Opus Voice, should I get that?

Changing my microphone to Stereo where? I was looking in my UMC settings for my Behinger board but didn’t see a specific place to do so. There is a channel setting for input/output and when I choose either one there is a Master and In1/In2 option but everything is set to 0. Capture

Opus Voice is a audio codec. This can be changed in TeamSpeak channel settings.

I don’t have an AT2020 XLR mic, but that might do it: (NEW VIDEO IN LINK BELOW)How to make your Mono sound XLR Microphone become stereo in Windows! - YouTube

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Thanks for the clarification on that Opus Voice thing. I checked the server I was connected to and it was set to Codec: Opus Music – This was the same in multiple channels. I don’t think the server owner ever edited it, should it be changed to something else?

As for the youtube video, thanks for linking it. I like some others don’t have the option for 1 channel. My mic isn’t considered USB it is line in and my options are all only 2 channel.

Yes instead of changing anything on your hardware the channel/server owner should set the right codec for conversations (Opus Voice) into these channels.

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  • Could it be the PATTERN of your mic? If you have that setting on your mic… Record from one side/direction

  • Check the connections

  • Like [TS.ChrisR] said software update

Thanks for explanation!

The 2 servers I was connecting to both had Codec set to Music. My own server had it set to voice and my friends could hear me normally.

A 3rd server I tried was set to Codec: Speex and I was heard normally.

So it seems as long as it isn’t set to Music then my Mic is fine.