Attractive for those who become a paying user

Just like Discord has a “Server Boost

Pay only once
A list of Banners related to the game for the user to assign to the game channel they want.
Custom channel names.
Some improved function for groups.

We could have something like that, but with more features, advantages and more freedom for your user, with an attractive price, etc … You could open a suggestion tab for us, suggestions for this idea, new advantages or just you from the TS team, talk and refine this idea, although I believe you’ve already thought about it and will bring that idea when you launch TS5.
Maybe a partnership with the owner of YATQA together with Stefan’s Bot, with that messaging system, moving away and muted microphone / headphone, in an automatic way, that would be super cool if it was introduced directly in TS and no longer by third parties.
It is a differential that would bring benefits to us who still use TS and to attract new users.

I do not know if they have already suggested it, but in the search I did, I did not find a suggestion similar to this one, if they have already suggested it, I am sorry.

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I don’t think that would be a good idea.
eg I definitely don’t like it.
Do not insist so much on transferring dc functions to ts.
Two completely different platforms that work on different principles and I didn’t accidentally choose ts instead of dc.

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