Audio in mobile app

Hello community,
I have probably already answered question about this but now I want to know your general opinion. I honestly miss out on basic voice processing features like desktop app has, like adjustable noise reduction, intelligent noise gate and most importantly ECHO CANCELLATION. I miss out on these features on my phone, running TeamSpeak as a voice call makes everything sound horrible, so I can’t listen to music while talking, TeamSpeak as a music makes me force using PTT since TeamSpeak on phone is likely meant to be used while someone is out so traffic noise, and any other noises that others in a room have to listen when PTT is disabled. Will this be on phone app? I see it is getting updated on Play Store and I have no idea, how difficult is this to implement even for some concept.

Also, have you ever though about Krisp? I know it sound like I am pointing to Discord, and you will be right, since discord has all desktop audio processing features on mobile app, but it can’t use standard mic input in like for voice recording and output as a music. I have tried Krisp myself, although it isn’t as good as Nvidia’s RTX voice’s clean FULL-BAND sound, meaning high frequencies are basically cut away, it helps a lot when you are in noisy environment, making overall experience better.

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