Audio interface not supported?

When I go to audio settings, I hear “Error” then no input is detected from my microphone. Updated drivers/software. Works on Teamspeak3 and Discord.

Audio Interface: Apogee Symphony Desktop

ts5client log

[2022-07-21 00:37:00.115] [info] Notifications_Windows ctor
[2022-07-21 00:37:00.133] [info] TeamSpeak Client 5.0.0-beta70 (2022-06-08 08:26:25)
[2022-07-21 00:37:00.133] [info] SystemInformation: Windows 11 (22000) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
[2022-07-21 00:37:00.133] [info] Using hardware aes
[2022-07-21 00:37:00.412] [info] disconnected from push system.
[2022-07-21 00:37:00.673] [info] connected to push system.
[2022-07-21 00:37:00.893] [info] Initialized with 2 channels in 32bit, 48kHz. - Speakers (Apogee Symphony Desktop)
[2022-07-21 00:37:00.894] [warning] Failed to set volumen_modifier
[2022-07-21 00:37:04.151] [info] Initialized with 10 channels in 32bit, 48kHz. - Multi-channel Input (Apogee Symphony Desktop)
[2022-07-21 00:37:04.151] [error] Problem opening device {}.{9343b8b5-b165-4579-ae4e-4ee616e6eab3} for capture channel mask and channel count mismatch. 0 vs 10
[2022-07-21 00:37:04.151] [warning] Failed to set volumen_modifier
[2022-07-21 00:37:30.127] [info] starting download for

That’s fascinating, as TS3 and TS5 should behave identically in that regard if on latest.
That’ll likely be the channel count, which has a maximum of 8 in some part of our code (but it should be about playback really), and, if memory serves me right, was traditionally also a windows limitation.
We’ll have a look at it.
Needless to say, for no other purpose than testing I’m gonna request one of those Apogees from the company… :wink:
For now I can only imagine that in TS3 you maybe aren’t using the multichannel driver for capture, but, if the Apogee offers those at all, one of the ‘stereo’ devices.


Thanks for the quick response, revisiting how TeamSpeak 3 “works”… it seems to work on Direct Audio which is being retired I suppose.

Strange though, their WDM drivers seem solid in other applications natively like Discord.

It’s a great interface, hope they hand you one to try out haha! Would assist further for support on this if there’s a fix possible.