Audio profiles w. key combinations / TTS

Hey guys,

i’ve seen that TS5 is now the official client on the website and TS3 development seems to be at its end, so i’ve tested the newest beta of 5.
Overall it’s a nice experience. Not quite as compact and clean like 3, but not bad.

But there seem to be missing some features i liked, that where present in TS3, so i wanted to ask if they will be coming someday to TS5 or are never to be seen again.

1.) Audioprofiles for multiple different audio sources and accordingly key combination so switch those.

  • I’m switching between different headsets(wired/wireless) and a VR headset daily and it is just nice to do so with a simple key combination instead of clicking through the whole settings again and again like the competitor with D is doing it. thats kinda tedious.
    Is it possible to have those back?

2.) Seen that the TTS notifications are gone for good. Is there still a way to use them?
It was always nice to hear who is joining which channel without ever needing to look at the UI.

Thanks :slight_smile: