Audio quality broken and super noisy ever since TS 3.5.0

I’ve seen many forum posts about this but pretty much nothing happened so far.
Before TS3.5.0 many of my friends an i often used to mock discord & skype for how bad it’s VOIP quality is compared to TeamSpeak, but since AGC gets controlled from the recieving side and not the capture side anymore, eveything is underlayed with a very audible static noise for everyone.
For example:
My friend has a very cheap USB mic and is used to sound just fine. Since 3.5.0 he sounds very flat and there’s a noticable noice whenever he’s talking. if he enables the noise reduction, the noise doesn’t get much better, but is voice sounds like we’re in a phone call.

Another one of my friends has an AUNA Mic 900, just like i do. In any other audio recording software, like audacity, i’ve never heard any bit of noise coming from the microphone. but in teamspeak (Since 3.5.0) the longer i talk for, the louder the noise gets. It also sounds flat, lacking any bass or depth. before 3.5.0 it sounded just fine.

If both ends switch back to 3.3.2 all those problems are gone. we’ve done that multiple times.

I really don’t think that this is that much of an improvment, when afterall everyone sounds worse.

I think there’s clearly something wrong with the way how teamspeak handles audo input now and i hope that it will get fixed soon so that we don’t have to listen to this awul noise anymore. Over the past few months i’ve seen a couple of posts about this very issue, but it generally didn’t get enough traction or got ignored completely.

Also, why would anyone want something as useless as a “comfort nose” option? That’s the dumbest sh!t ever lol.

Hello, a lot of people are complaining about its problems, a new version 3.3.5 & 5.0.0 beta 26 clients will be coming soon and maybe fix its small problems.

Hey, thanks for your answer :slight_smile: You mentioned version 3.3.5. Is this a typo or is 3.3.5 a continuation of the actual 3.3.2 but with all the 3.5.0 stuff scrapped? or does 3.3.5 alread exist, as i’ve never heard of it.

Hi Alpha 3.5.5 Capture

Yes but the Alpha is over 2 Months in the Alpha Channel. :smiley: But i dont know if the Version fix the issue

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