Auto-create channel TeamSpeak3 server

Excuse my level of English, I’m French.

I have already explored and tried the various results found on the internet concerning bots in order to create subchannels automatically.

I will try to describe to you precisely what I am trying to do : I would like to find a way to automatically create temporary subchannels when a user joins a specific subchannel.
For example, we can imagine a channel called “Group”. When a player joins this channel, a temporary subchannel is created and named (“Group # 1” for example) and the player is moved into it. As long as people are present in this subchannel, it remains open. If another person tries to join the “Group” channel, a “Group # 2” subchannel is created and this new user is moved to it. When everyone leaves the “Group # 1” sub-channel, the sub-channel is closed and deleted.

I am open to any proposal, and I am also interested in anyone who would like to help me personally.

If I do this topic, it is also because the last topic on this subject dates from 2015 and 2017.

Thank you in advance for your help. Do not hesitate to ask me if you want more information.

Hello @RamboSushi,

I have created something which might fit your needs ( For now, I’ve added a tutorial on how to configure the bot on Ubuntu (- YouTube) but since it is a docker image (Docker) it should be no problem to set it up on macOS or Windows.


Welcome to the forum! :v:
I think this is what you are looking for)

(I just now noticed that this post was created on March 28 :grinning:)