Auto-Deletion of Users with no group but client rights


I know that the TeamSpeak Server deletes clients with no group (i.e. the guest group) after some time (in my case it was exactly one month). This is normal and expected.

But it seems that the TeamSpeak Server also deletes clients out of the database if they had client rights set and even a query login (which gets deleted too). In my case I connected with a new identity “serverlist_client”, gave it some client permissions to list groups, etc. and created a query login for that user. Exactly one month later, the client was deleted and the query login too.

I fixed this by recreating the user and giving it some random group this time, but I still think that it is unexpected behavior that even clients with set permissions are cleared from the database (as long as they are in no group).

Kind regards


What you did with your user is an edge case.
User hadn’t permanent group and did not join the server for x days as a client.

When this decision was made we thought about which users should be removed.
Decided was any user matching x days and got no permanent server group. Because a user who has no group can not be that important and when he did not visit for x days he is not that active or interested to stay.

Edit with important I didn’t mean that users aren’t important. But Admins or Mods did not give enough love to them :heart_eyes:


Ok, so in the future I’ll give my query login identities more love and add them to permanent groups :sweat_smile:

EXACTLY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: