Auto queue?

Howdy, first and foremost, if this in the wrong category I apologize. I am a newbie to the Teamspeak Forums.

I’m looking for a teamspeak bot that moves people into a certain channel if it’s not full, and if it is full have them sit in a queue channel until a slot opens up, and move them depending on their queue number. For example, a user joins Channel A (the queue channel) and Channel B is not full, so it moves the user to Channel B. When Channel B is full, it puts [1] in front of their name in Teamspeak and moves them in when a slot opens up in channel B.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have not yet come across such a script as you wrote.

There are scripts that move afk people to a certain channel or if someone connects without some permission to move them to a channel that is, let’s say, for granting permission.

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