Autogain on Capture -> Test?

I’ve got a new headset and I was fiddling with the settings. The test function in Settings->Capture->Begin test drove me crazy. There is seemingly a very, very aggressive auto gain on that function which is frankly somewhat stupid if you are trying to set your voice activation level. It goes from virtually no noise to TV-snow sound.

This autogain is seemingly exclusive to the capture test, there is no autogain in TS3 itself, while recording in TS3 or any other program so it’s not the headset or the driver.

Is there a way to disable this or something? I’ve disabled (and always have) all the TS3 adjustment features as they only make quality worse. That includes all the checkmarks on Capture and Playback

I’m not sure if it’s just the meter no updating fast enough but both the little arrow thingies never reach the threshold yet the “light” goes on, what is this?