Automatic Sound Mute

I wanted to know if i can set at my Teamspeak 3 Server that if someone joins a channel automatic gets sound muted? If this is working pls explain me how.

So there is the possibility, if a certain number is reached in the channel, the channel is muted for all.


You can set this via Misc in your server settings.

Or do you mean something else?

No I mean when someone joins a channel that it automatically mutes the sound not when there are a number of people inside, so that someone cant hear what others are talking when he/she joins the channel

You can mute all people in a channel, if you increase the talk power so that is higher than your group talk power.

I know but this mutes the microfone not the sound!

You mean in your default channel, so no one gets join/leave messages?

A server can not mute any users microphone.

With permissions (talk power) you can restrict who can talk.
With server setting you can decide how man people can be in a room before a complete channel denies to talk in there.