Autostart with Windows


is there already a way to start TeamSpeak from Windows Startup?

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What @FakE stated can in fact be used for the TeamSpeak 3 client.
As this question was asked in the TeamSpeak client topic though we have to assume you are using the all new TeamSpeak client.

But there is always the Windows way of doing things!
You can create a shortcut to the TeamSpeak client and move it to the startup folder.
The folder can be found by pressing Win + R (short for run).
There you have to enter shell:startup.
When you now press OK the Windows default startup folder should open.
Every executable file in there while be executed upon user login.

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unfortunately I don’t quite understand the instructions

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  1. Press Win + R or typ run in the windows search bar
    Now a litte window should open
  2. Just type in this window shell:startup
    It opens an explorer window. Create a shortcut of teamspeak and move it into the folder. It should look like this:

Now teamspeak should start at startup :smiley:


thank you for help