Avatar Size in the Contactlist

Hey Everyone,

First time using the Teamspeak Beta and one Feature I instantly loved is setting different Avatars for each Status, Away, Online, Offline and so on.

But One thing is bugging me with it. The Avatars/Icons are so small, you can barely see them. I know you can scale the hole UI but they are still very small.

So I either would recommend to double the size of the Avatar Icons on the Lists or some form of settings were we can scale the Avatar Icons.

I think in the Chat itself the size is better. But I still would atleast have the option to make it a bit bigger there too.

Its just a Design thing, so not sure about how important/easy it is to implement it but I would appreciate it a lot. Cause I’d love to see my sleeping doge a bit better.



I actually didnt know about this feature at all, so thanks for pointing it out :+1:
Edit: Wait… I tried it from the status selection in the left corner but couldnt change the avatar for each status. I could just set an global avatar. How have you set them, up?

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Currently we’re updating the FAQ’s, this pops up here: https://support.teamspeak.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002744997-Is-there-any-limits-on-the-avatar-size-

Its a work in progress, but hopefully these will be completed in the near future.