Awesome Got Beta - But Before I Download

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been covered. I did a quick search but cannot find…could be my excitement.

Anyway before I download my beta could someone tell me if it is a one off download for example? I use Windows as my main machine but Linux is my gaming server.

Am i able to download client for my windows and server for my linux machine or how does it work? I can download both beta versions?

A link to topic here or any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

The Ts5 beta client is available for linux mac and windows, the server version is the same for ts3 and ts5 if that was the question


It is just the client version that we can test at the moment? Was wondering about server side for Linux if i can install onto my machine like I have TS3. Also if the download is limited to one for example…

If it is just client side we can test that’s fine but can I test on my linux and windows (two downloads)

OK, i got a little confused there sorry…All ok…and found the info…you can delete post.

Thank you.