Backup your server instance or migrate onto a new location

In that case you missed the server database or you use another identity on that new server.


Hi people. How can i transfer Win server to linux?


First download and login with serveradmin to your server. Then do a snapshot of your server. Next login to your fresh installed teamspeak server on your linux machine. There you just upload the snapshot.


It`s work, thank for help:)

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With a snapshot only one server and it’s users, channels and permissions is transferred.
You will miss all uploaded files files as an example.

When you have access to both machines we suggest you to move all following to the new one.


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Hey i accidentally downloaded a 32bit server i have done so much work on it and i want to use 64bit how can i change? I am just really stressed out

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Just follow this how to in post 1 and nothing will be lost.


I have a backup of my old ubuntu server teamspeak. Due to technical problems related to another application I had to set up my server from scratch. When I restored my backup and tried to start the server it did not work so I tried a fresh install and just restored the ts3server.sqlitedb, files and logs folders.

When starting the server it actually starts up, but is asking me for a ServerAdmin privilege key (neither my old nor the new one works) and nothing is restored, not the channel nor the server groups and everything.

Anything I’m doing wrong here or any advise on how to proceed?

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My guess:

You placed the the ts3server.sqlitedb on wrong location or the database you did backup has a wrong state when you made a backup.


It’s definitely at the right place but the database could be corrupt. There was a problem after updating the server a couple of months ago and I didn’t try to fix it until now. Too bad, took us some time to build this server, but then we’ll just start over again.

Thanks anyway!

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Hey guys,
Since the OHV fire I think it’s time to do some offsite backups. I’m still waiting to get my files of the ts3 server back but I think they are untouched by the fire but still offline.
That said, I want to do some daily backups and I was wondering if there is a way to backup the TS3 server WITHOUT turning it off and kicking all the users. If not that would be a problem to me because some user just stays online 24/7 and even upgrading the server for me is a problem.
I hope you can give me some good news/tips for backing up the running server.
Thanks in advance


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No this is not supported.
The database is not always complete and part is still in RAM.

In that case a regularly backup where server is turned off for some seconds is the best way for protection.


So it’s better for me to do weekly backups instead of daily?

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Depends on how you like it best

Weekly is better than monthly
Daily is better than weekly
Hourly is better than daily



Got it. Thanks you as always :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am migrating to a windows vps, how can I migrate my version of teamspeak linux server with all the avatars icons etc?

You should’ve used the search function in first place.

Now read post one in this thread.


After migrating my server to new VPS, all client databaseid, channel id’s, groups id’s is changed to new. I wanted to see what it looks like in the database and I can see that there is a column ‘client_id’ and ‘org_client_id’, is it possible to restore data from org_client_id? Ie. I would like the channel id, group id, and client id to be as before (such as in the org_client_id \ org_group_id column).

Thank you in advance

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There is only one supported way to do this and this must be done with a backup of your old database.
We do not give support doing anything in the database manually.

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