Bad voice quality with remote audio driver of Microsoft Remote Desktop


I want to use TeamSpeak 3 Client (TS3) on Windows from my Mac host via Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP).

There is a reason I do this, but I’ll skip the explanation.

I can use the microphone and speakers connected to my Mac in Windows by using RDP’s audio sharing options.

This method works well with the “Voice Memo” and "Skype Web” in Windows.

However, TS3 has a terrible noise in my speaking voice.
This happens even when I’m testing the microphone in the settings screen.
I guess this is a compatibility issue with RDP’s remote audio driver and the TS3.
And this only occurs on Mac RDP host and not on Windows RDP host.

I would appreciate a solution or a good reply to this problem.

I am using machine translation for this question.
Sorry for the terrible English.