Badge Collection in profil

We all love badges.
At the moment you can only see the selected 3 badges of someone.

My idea: That you can see the complete badge collection in your profile in Teamspeak 5.
If there are profiles in Teamspeak 5, why not use them enough :D?
Of course, you could turn that off in the settings.
Maybe also a setting that only friends can see it.
(Of course, it will still be possible to have ONLY 3 badges next to the name.)

Of course, you can also add a “Show more” button so that it is not completely full.

I think it is technically possible.
This would give us badge collectors the opportunity to show our loyalty to Teamspeak to everyone.
And of course to flex.

I used my Photoshop skills:


Nah find that too crowded. Imagine if you had even more badges, how much space that would take up.

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My opinion:

Nah, that would look too crowded I think, and I don’t think it has to be.
The space could be used for other great features that the client could offer in the future.
3 badges to show that you’re proud of all the badges you’ve collected is enough. :slight_smile:

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It is only an example.
You can also add a “View more” button. Not all badges have to be displayed directly.


I just want a feature where you can see all of someone’s badges.

It’s not meant in a bad way. But in my opinion it doesn’t make sense, because badges are already status symbols in TeamSpeak and I personally don’t even want to reveal all of my collection. E.g. people who have no or few badges could feel excluded or similar and besides, not everyone needs to know what others have for badges. I find a maximum of 3 to show, is perfectly sufficient, whereby it can also not come to prejudices or the like.


To me that sounds like quite a cool idea as I already wanted to show certain people more than 3 of my badges but only if the feature would come with the addressed “view more” button. Else I also think it would look a bit too crowded and as @Cornelius and @Rikku already mentioned they dislike or rather don’t want this feature I would say it should definitely be disabled by default.


As suggested, this feature might be disabled by default.
Anyone who is interested in looking at badges from others or sharing them in their profile can then activate it.
Then no one should feel bad because the person made the decision themselves.

On discord, for example, all badges are also displayed. And no one feels bad about that.

The profiles on Teamspeak 5 are still boring.
Such an additional function would be nice.

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I would stay as it is.

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100% Agree

Why? Arguments against my idea?

Your idea is good to me, i’m just saying why to be the same like others , we need to be as unique as we are

Well, if it is like that, I would like to thank you for contributing your precious thoughts to us. This feature is a really terrible idea. Oh, wait, no, now we would actually outnumber the other ones who don’t like it. This feature would be a great addition to the new TeamSpeak Client. Everything that’s more colorful is better, don’t you think like me, guys? :crazy_face:

What do you get out of it? A list of numerous ineffective badges that do nothing productive at all. Sure, it’s interesting on the one hand, but badges are simply a gimmick.

Well, I think with Discord it’s not such a thing as far as badges are involved. With TeamSpeak it’s more of a competition, e.g. who gets the Alpha Badge or a sponsorship badge or event badges like the “???”. hat or the Halloween Twitch badge.
In addition, Dc does not have ~60 different badges that “normal” users can get, but only a few.
Especially since it doesn’t take up several rows of space on Discord.

Well, I wouldn’t call well arranged boring. Even if you can fold it in or out, I think it would be an unnecessary feature for the client.

But I mean, there will always be features in the client that not everyone needs or activates, so don’t take it personally. So with a fold-in or fold-out, it is at least much better than if all badges are displayed from the start. Of course, it would be even better if not everyone had to reveal their badges, but had to activate them in the settings, as you already wrote.

Basically, however, I still have to say that in my opinion it would be completely unnecessary. Perhaps an add-on would make more sense for this in the future than implementing it directly in the client.

  1. "What do you get out of it?"W hat kind of question is that, please. What do you get from the fact that badges generally exist in addition to the name? Exactly, nothing. But it is a cool feature. ^^

  2. That’s why a “Show more” feature should be added.

  3. Are you telling me that every feature ( big and small ) is necessary?

  4. “so don’t take it personally” I do not take it personally lmao
    Not every function in a client has to be useful. Otherwise the chat/friend function would not exist.

What kind of a weird answer is that?

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I was putting myself in the mind of @opZ1ca for a second to answer him.
Off topic though, so don’t mind it.

A really fantastic idea. Whereby this feature would then also have to be switched off individually. Some people like to keep it a secret what badges they have.

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Yes for sure, like it’s already possible by simply not displaying any badges. I think even if you do a fresh install of the TS-Client there shouldn’t be displayed anything by default. So you can hide your badges all the time and even if you did a fresh setup of your OS or something along those lines where you have to reinstall TS and you didn’t think about tinkering with your TS-Settings before connecting to a server they won’t be exposed by accident.

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