Badges are not displayed

For me, the Teamspeak badges are displayed online, but they are not displayed in Teamspeak.
I’ve already emptied the cache.
Would be nice if you could maybe help with that.

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make sure you have your myTeamSpeak account linked to the TeamSpeak server when you connect. Also make sure that you have connected your myTeamSpeak account to your TeamSpeak client and have selected badges via Tools -> Options -> myTeamSpeak -> Configure Badges.

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Make sure …
… server and client is up to date.
… Badge(s) is set.
… Send “myTeamSpeak ID” is enabled in your bookmark.

This should solve your issue. :slight_smile:


I logged into my 2nd account and it works there, but not with my main account …

Any Errors in your Client Log?

Is that not the same as @Cornelius ?


It is in a short version?:smiley:

These bug happens to me sometimes

which client version are you using?