Badges don't appear

So I reinstalled TS5 and 3, but when I logged into my account, I didn’t see my badges anymore. I asked my friend if he sees them, and he said no. So i guess the latest update broke that, not sure though.
(I havent reset my password or done anything regarding that matter. Havent recovered either. And i cant even see the badges on my phone app also where i havent signed out for a year so)
And I didn’t see any posts regarding this matter.
I’ll wait and see whats the solution is going to be.

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There seems to be an issue with myTS, that the badges are not displayed correctly for everyone.

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Good morning.

I had maybe 20 or more badges on my Teamspeak account. But we all disappeared. I cannot see them on my Teamspeak server, nor in my “MyTeamspeak” account. Could you help me? THANKS!

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I got the same here. I tried to reinstall my app and … nothing appear to work. That just recognize my ID. We have to wait… I think…

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Yes, i think so.
We need just wait for another update.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

This issue was resolved. A database was not reachable and caused this.