Badges isn't showing to others on all servers

Hello, I’ve been using TS for a little time, and everytime I was connecting to a specific server, I could see my badge by clicking on my profile, but others aren’t able to see my badge next to my name or even by clicking on my profile, and I am not able to see the badges next to my name as well.

I am the only one having that bug in all the server.
NOTE: That’s happening only on one server, but on other server people are able to see it.

You need to enable myTeamSpeak features in your bookmark settings.


Oh, yes its working now.

All group icons are seen, but my badges don’t show at my nickname line. And it is only on this server and only for me! Other users badges are seen! I see my badges only on any other servers. Why??
I cleaned cache folder and it did nothing.

oh my, never thought this could be the issue! thank you kind man! have no idea why it was off only on this bookmark

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One more question, why does my badges not show next to my server groups anymore like they used to?

You may have MyTeamSpeak feature disabled in your bookmark or server is modified and not allowed to connect to our service.

Or Display Badge icons on clients is disabled in your settings (Design)

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