Badges not showing while on a server

Hey, since I started using the new teamspeak beta my badges are never showing. I tried restarting the client with nothing in the 3 badges slots, restarting with them there, deleting cache, still nothing.

You hide Badges in the client Appearance setting.
Or there is a problem with the communication to myTs from the server or your client.


You need to enable your myTeamSpeak features in your bookmark settings.


The bookmark setting was it. Thanks a lot everyone :slight_smile:

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you can see in my info my badge,
but not the ‘overvieuw’ list.
when i connect to another server, it does show the badge?
anyone know whats going on? or what i did wrong?

Seems to be again a myTeamSpeak problem.

hmm damn ok, thanks for the reply!

What? Why?

Reads more like MyTeamSpeak feature in bookmark for this server is disabled or server has problems to connect to our service or server is modified.


It also happened to me and other people in beta group, so I thought it was related to that.

hi there, if that is the case, what are the actions i need to undertake?

and what can i do to prevent it auto changes again? :slight_smile:

Check in your bookmarks if you have activated your myTeamSpeak features on the server.

If this is the case, but your badges are still not displayed, it’s probably the server.

By the way, there were no problems with badges for me today.

thanks alot mate! that did it, no idea what that changed!

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