Badges not working for me [HELP]

Hello there guys so i have got 3 badges i have activated and when i go to activate them i get a white plain box in the configure badges section. I have synced my account im logged in and i cleared my cache. I have done most of the steps but all i get it this feature.

If anyone can help me that would be great!

Maybe there’s an error syncing badges. Please post a screenshot of your badges from myTeamSpeak site. Additionally, if I remember correctly, sometimes this sort of stuff happens and you only need to wait some time.

Sorry if this hasn’t helped.

It has been like it for a while and i need help as i want to put the page on my profile

OK, so you definitely have some badges… The only thing I can think of now is that you are either not logged to right account (which would’ve benn funny tbh) or you don’t have your synchronization turned on.

Have you really been unable to set badges the whole time? Since early 2019?

I have sync turned on and yes im logged into the right account and yes that is correct

So everything is set properly :confused:

Well, maybe @TS.ChrisR or @TS_Chris could help, but be patient if there’s no answer today, cause today’s Sunday.

Sorry for not helping with this…