Banned and dont know why

You are banned permanently. Reason: “Bots and Clones are against server Rules!” , this is the message , only used teamspeak to play with my friends , how can I solve?

Get in contact with the Admin of the TeamSpeak server in question,
only they can check the banlist and remove bans.
Here in the Forum, we can’t help you. :frowning:

Just because of the topic’s title: obviously you were banned for using bots or multiple identities. Since it is a permanent ban, you will not be able to enter the server yourself until a server admin removes the ban.

As Rikku said, you will have to contact a responsible admin of the server. Maybe your friends can help you to get in touch with any server admin.
PS: Bypassing a ban is always the wrong solution.

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Guys , i cant tell the admin server to unban me because the server is teamspeak public

Never used bots o multiple identities

I‘m pretty sure, I know the issue. Are you trying to connect with your nickname BotAcciaio? Please remove the „bot“ from your nickname to connect to TeamSpeak Public.

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