Bans goins crazy [04.05.2021]

First of all I’m using the latest version of Ts5

So, today I tried to ban a friend on a server I’m on. I decided to ban him for 99 years since we can now ban in years instead of only days. But when I banned him for 99 years I got the message: “<08:27:21> “[Tobi] |:D” wurde von “[Max] Max” für 826865061 Jahre 345 Tage 42 Minuten 48 Sekunden vom Server gebannt” which translates to a little bit more than 99 years.

As you can see the banned time is way off the actual time he should get banned. We also tried this on a local server to rule out problems with our server yet the same bug happened.

Afterwards we tested it with other times and when switching from 68 to 69 years the ban time went crazy. So the cutoff point seems to be somewhere between that.The upper limit seems to be 136 years because after that bans seem to work normal. According to our tests so far this only happens when banning in increments of years though this could be inaccurate. We did not put any reason for banning so we think it has something to do with the time banned.

Hope this helps



Thanks for the report. Good hint with the 68/69

I forwarded it to our devs.