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I saw that there is only one permissions to see the ban list.

I have multiples roles for moderation on my server (ex: Moderator, Administrator, Founder, etc) and no one have the permission to see the client IP (for security propose) but if the Founder ban someone, like the Administrator can access to view the ban list, it can see the myteamspeak client ID that the Founder have banned (that is not a problem) but it can also see the ban IP and the IP of the client that are banned.

So, if for fun the Founder ban me (me as Admin), an Moderator can view my IP via the ban list and I do not want that they see that because there is no reason to have it.

If possible, make the ban list permission in two like b_client_ban_list and b_client_ban_ip_list like that, Moderators or others roles we want cannot access to the IP of clients.


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If this issue is an exact concern or problem you are having right now you can set your Needed Client Ban Power [i_client_needed_ban_power] as admin higher than the Client Ban From Server Power [i_client_ban_power] of any other groups. Then no games from them.

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I don’t understand what do you mean

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Screech tried to say if you don’t want be banned just increase your own “needed_ban_power” to prevent yourself from getting banned by other groups.

To the topic

You would probably need to remove the ability to see the ban list from your admin‘s group.

I don’t get the it anyways why someone who‘s trusted to ban clients isn’t allowed to see their IP address?

What “security issue” do you see if someone (trusted) is getting your IP address?

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Nothing to do with people who can ban me.

I mean, I don’t want that a moderator test see the IP list that are banned but can ban players.

He can’t ban roles above him anyway.

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Yeah I got it but it’s not possible to hide IP addresses in the ban list as far as I know.

Like I mentioned above already you need to remove the permission to access the ban list.

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Maybe that’s why I’m in “Suggestions and Feedback” ?

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