BBCode not working on TS5

First and foremost I love the new TeamSpeak client, but despite the recent updates I still have some issues with it.

The primary issue is that BBCode isn’t working on the new client.
But also despite all the options I have tinkered with, I don’t know how to change my server avatar.
Also I don’t know why it keeps saying I’m “offline” in the bottom left.


They working on Additional BBCode Support

Just check their Roadmap:



Bottom left indicates your global chat state, not related to being connected to a TS server or not. Have you clicked on it and attempt to set it online. If your TeamSpeak account is not currently configured in the new TS client it should be offline as well. May need to go into the account settings and make sure it is linked to your TeamSpeak account.

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It’s on their roadmap too.

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