Become query admin (as client, who is serveradmin atm) [SOLVED]

I managed to login via putty and selected the correct virtualserver,
then used clientlist to get my cldbid which is 4.
Finally i tried to add myself to the servergroup query admin and it gave me this:
login serveradmin "pw" error id=0 msg=ok use 1 error id=0 msg=ok clientlist clid=5 cid=1 client_database_id=1 client_nickname=serveradmin client_type=1|clid=3 cid=1 client_database_id=4 client_nickname=ADMIN client_type=0 error id=0 msg=ok servergroupaddclient sgid=2 cldbid=4 error id=512 msg=invalid\sclientID

My question:
What was my mistake and how to fix that to become query admin?

-thank u :fox_face:

Like the TeamSpeak staff said in the past it’s not supposed to assign a query group to a client.

It looks like they’ve “hardcoded” this into the query protocol.

If you really want to get full access with your client I would tell you to copy the “Admin Server Query” group to a new (permanent) group.

Assign your client id to this new created group.

This will grant the highest possible access to a client.

I don’t see any reason why this is needed but it’s your decision.



i used
servergroupcopy ssgid=2 tsgid=999 name=qAdmin type=1


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