Been absent for 6 months,, now when I enter my server I get NO SERVAR notice

been absent for 6 months, now when I enter my server I get NO SERVER notice

Can you provide any more info? Did you setup this server on your machine/your server/hosting ?

I am in my 70,s so not that bright with computers lanquage, It is just a ts for world of tanks so us old lads could chat

Is it possible that I did not make a payement

Are you the administrator on this server?

yes I am

What do you mean exactly with this? :thinking:

Yes it could be that you did not pay your server.
So the company who runs the server for you did turn it off. In that case you must contact them.

We from TeamSpeak do not sell any servers or host them.

He can not connect to his server.

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If you are the administrator then you should know if you paid somewhere for the server = you used a hosting :thinking:

Being admin does not mean being owner.

Maybe he was Admin on a server someone else hosted and this server is no longer online.