Been on the waiting list for YEARS!

I am pretty sure I have signed up for the beta, back in 2019 or earlier. I know I have resubmitted applications a few times over the years, not sure if that resets the earlier applications or not. The email should of been the same this whole time [email protected]. If i could get any assistance with this much appreciated.

Thank You,

Issue Has been Resolved
Thank you @Five_Alive

Have you already checked your badges to see if you have the Test Badge Testing_16? Please note that no emails with codes will be sent, the badges will be added to the myTeamSpeak accounts. Otherwise, you can check to see if you can download the client with your email or are still on the waiting list. @Shadow_Viper

To set an avatar TS5 is required, but no beta access is necessary. @LeonMarcelHD

Beyond registering for the beta with the email you shared with us, have you ever switched your myTS email address? This could be another reason why you haven’t received access. (Sorry for the double post, was on another account ^^).


Nope, always used this email account, I am pretty sure when I first applied was going to be teamspeak 4, then was renamed to just teamspeak. Not real active here on the forums but helped run a large gaming community that used to be on teamspeak, they moved to Discord a few years back, even told them that you guys were moving towards a discord like upgrade. Sent a message to one of the admins back in december with pretty much the same info from the post. But ya applied before the whole covid thing, only finally posted and got on it recently because there are post that say if you been on the waiting list for X amount of time you should have it by now.

The beta link tells me I am still on the waiting list and asks for a code, which the codes were stopped using a while ago.

Sent you a DM to fix this.


I have also been on the waiting list for years.
I also registered there shortly after the announcement for a Teamspeak 5 beta registration and my mail hasn’t changed yet either. So far no badge received and under the link only the information that I am still on the waiting list.

I am hoping that Teamspeak 5 will be released in a short time and I can then finally test it completely without restrictions.

Be sure you have a TeamSpeaki account.
Be sure you haven’t changed you “myTeamSpeak” email address.
Be sure you have signed up for beta on (
Be sure to check your “myTeamspeak>Dashboard” to verify badges, if you have a “Test” bacge, click on “Redeem Badges”


I have found my Problem…

I use an old email that is already deleted and cant change it to a new one because i need both email to change it :frowning:

Check your DM :slight_smile:

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