Being able to hold mute on multiple binds so you can temporarily mute your TS mic while using in game comms

I’m sure this has been brought up many times but it is quite a major thing preventing me from using the new Teamspeak application.

Being able to hold mute my mic on Teamspeak while I talk in game is very useful and quite important to prevent my friends hearing me both in game and on teamspeak at the same time.

Games like Hell Let Loose, Squad or Star Citizen have multiple in game voice comm channels which have different binds. So it would be helpful to allow multiple bindings for the same hold to mic mute function in team speak.

Discord does this well so hopefully you can match that.

Thank you!

You can do that, just press the + button and add you keyboard shortcut.

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Ahhh thank you. The plus wasn’t appearing until I set the first one fully.

So this is a push to mute for just the microphone or is it doing everything? I’ve set it and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything noticable with the mic/speaker icons atm.

It just mutes the mic without changing the icons at the top bar.

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Nice one. Thank you for the info!

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