Best place to report TS5 bugs?

Best place to report TS5 bugs?


here? :thinking:

in this category?

what your topic fits the best :thinking:

is there no area where all bugs go?

not really. Just use the Category for the Product that you wan’t to report a bug

so how can I check for duplicates, or a format?

You can use the search function to search for already reported bugs otherwise you can create a new one

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now what?


whaaat? D:

wait 23 hours?


there is no way for us to increase your topic limit
Edit: not sure if you can level it yourself on the first day.

I know

It’s not my first day but :man_shrugging:

but your first day of posting

hmm well

so I can’t post more bugs? I have to wait?

this summarizes the whole discussion